Bay Shore Preschool and Day Care - about Program



In a safe, loving, respectful environment, children have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop. The Bay Shore Preschool & Day Care provides an environment that is fulfilling, enriching, and supporting of all possible learning and growing opportunities.

Purpose and Goals of Program:

We meet the individual needs of each child and provide support and encouragement as they develop and discover their unique strengths and abilities. Our program is designed to make children feel confident and successful as they discover their world and learn about the many exciting things that surround them.

We offer a curriculum that:

- Is designed to meet each child’s need and interest

- Provides a safe and secure environment where learning is encouraged and stimulated

- Provides age-appropriate activities and equipment

- Employs competent and quality staff

- Allows children to be themselves

Curriculum Guide

Math: Shapes, counting, measuring, number identification, number values, classification, and comparison

Reading Readiness: Vocabulary enrichment, recognition of name, letters and numbers, left to right progression, storytelling and comprehension, visual and sound discrimination

Science: Respect for all living things, growing things and their needs, plants, animals and people, weather changes and seasonal changes

Social Studies: Home, seasonal celebrations, community roles, and the pledge of allegiance

Creative Arts:  Expression through various mediums; paint, prints, etc., color experimentation, tactile experience, play dough, finger-paint, sand, water and paint

Music: Rhythm band instruments, familiar songs, action songs, and creative movement

Muscle coordination: Eye-hand coordination, block building, climbing and physical activities, playground games, use of crayons, scissors, pencils and paint brush

Social: Making new friends, learning to share, following direction, show and tell, listening while others speak in groups

44 x 68 inches. created by preschoolers