Everybody can be

great... because

anybody can serve.

You don't have to

have a college degree

to serve. You don't

have to make your

subject and verb

agree to serve.

You only need a heart

full of grace. A soul

generated by love.

Martin Luther King, Jr

The United Methodist Church of Bay Shore - Volunteer's Schedule

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Soup Kitchen

May 2014

01    Diane Timmoney and Debbie Palmier
08    Eileen DiGiovanna and Marguerite Giuamenta
15    Hyeonjin Kim and Kim Sue Neiman
22    Tom Wilson and Amy Garrett
29    Bill Suda and Kim Neary

June 2014

05    Eileen DiGiiovanna and Jennifer DiPalma
12    Louis and Catherine Bernard
19    Hyeonjin Kim and Debbie Palmieri
26    Tom Wilson and Kim Neary

Thrift Shop

May 2014

03 (Sat.) Chester Hazel and Eileen DiGiovanna
07 (Wed.)Tom Scherer and Debbie Williams
10 (Sat.) Vernice Carter and Dierdrea Renwick
14 (Wed.)George Mack and Chris Hoff
17 (Sat.) Eileen DiGiovanna and Barbara Wenham
21 (Wed.)Diane Timmoney and Tom Scherer
24 (Sat.) Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
28 (Wed.)Flaye Stahl and George Mack
31 (Sat.) Vernice Carter and Barbara Wenham

June 2014

04 (Wed.)Chris Hoff and Pat Abrams
07 (Sat.) Chester Hazel and Dierdrea Renwick
11 (Wed.)Diane Timmoney and Debbie Williams
14 (Sat.) Vernice Carter and Barbara Wenham
18 (Wed.)Flaye Stahl and George Mack
21 (Sat.) Chester Hazel and Eileen DiGiovanna
25 (Wed.)Chris Hoff and Debbie Williams
28 (Sat.) Dierdrea Renwick and Vernice Carter


May 2014

04    Dale Dowd
11    Hyeonjin Kim
18    Dierdrea Renwick
25    Chester Hazel

June 2014

01    Dale Dowd
08    Hyeonjin Kim
15    Hyeonjin Kim
22    Dale Dowd
29    Chester Hazel

Lay Reader

May 2014

04Dale Dowd
11Tom Wilson
18Dierdrea Renwick
25Roy Fager

June 2014

01    Ebenizer Erin
08    Kwaku Owusu
15    Lois Fallon
22    Christine Hoff
29    Eileen DiGiovanna

July 2014

06    Dale Dowd
13    Tom Wilson
20    Dierdrea Renwick
27    Roy Fager

August 2014

03    Kwaku Owusu
10    Eileen DiGiovanna
17    Christine Hoff
24    Lois Fallon
31    Ebenizer Erin

Altar Guild


January    Debbie Williams
February   Regina Schnieder
March        Doreen Gonzlez
April          Dorothy Allen
May           Ellen Fager
June          Vida Owusu
July           Marilyn Goodrich
August      Vernice Carter
SeptemberJeannie Aromi
October     Sue Yost
November Lois Fallon
December Cheryl Davis